The most gambling countries in the world

People in both developed and developing countries across the globe love to indulge in gambling in various forms. It can be due to passion to earn money quickly or merely to have fun. Some are even found to get addicted with it. There are some countries where gambling is found to be quite common than others. But Muslim dominant countries including remote islands have banned them for various reasons.

Top gambling countries in the world

  • United Kingdom: The last three months probably has witnessed approximately 46% of U.K.’s population to having gambled in some form or the other. When investment and value is concerned, it has a strong market. Since all casinos are to obtain UKGC license and pay taxes, they contribute towards the economy. Surveys have found that approximately 3.1% gamblers in this country are addicted. Several platforms are available to support people with their gambling needs. GameStop is considered to be the best among them that can limit gambling as desired by the player to all casinos in the UK.
  • Australia: This country claims to have a record number of gamblers being about 6.8 million, i.e., 39% of total population. They gamble daily. Some popularly casino games played here are table and pokies (slots) games. Players are allowed to retain their winnings and are not required to pay taxes. Despite its huge population involved in gambling, only 0.5-1% of people is addicted to casinos. The authorities are reported to have banned about 900 people from visiting any casino here. Even online deposit casinos are quite popular here. It witnesses more players than brick & mortar casinos in the country. Online investments can be as low as $1! Great games and huge rewards is what helps attracts players to these online casinos.
  • Canada: Gambling is not regulated thoroughly in this country. Most of the casinos here are located in cities like Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia. The country earns an annual profit of approximately $13 billion.  Real money can be used by Canadians to play online casino games without any limitations. However, only registered and licensed casinos are permitted to operate in the country. But then 0.6% people are reported to experience gambling addiction considered being 250,000 people approximately. But then, it can be safely stated that addiction to gambling is much less in Canada when compared to other countries.
  • Singapore: More than half of the population can be found to be engaged in gambling. There is an entry fee to visit any casino here. The aim to charge this fee is an initiative by the Singapore government to reduce gambling addiction. Gambling is allowed particular places only as there is no casino legalization. In 1923, gambling was considered legal here. However, increase in criminal activities combined with growing addiction compelled the government to ban it. Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club allow legal bets.


The law of every country is different and so are the casino operation permits. It is necessary to ensure that gambling does not become a major addiction and leave a negative effect upon the country’s economy.